Disinfection without alcohol - Innovative, effective and versatile active ingredient

Sterilyte is produced from a certified salt solution in an advanced electrolysis process. Free of alcohol and odorous substances, the agent automatically decomposes into its components saline solution and oxygen after application.

Disinfection without alcohol

A disinfection without alcohol

Disinfection with Sterilyte is done with innovative antimicrobial products. This results in a reduction of multi-resistant germs. The spread of pathogenic germs is contained. With an efficient, advanced and long-lasting disinfection. This special process poses no risk to humans. Sterilyte disinfectant offers disinfection without alcohol.

Sterilyte vs. ethanol-based disinfection

Differences that make Sterilyte so special.

Currently, it is not yet possible to provide a hand disinfectant based on active chlorine in Germany; approval for this is expected in the next 1-2 years. In order to provide our customers with a hand disinfectant nevertheless, we stock one with the active ingredient quaternary ammonium compounds. This active ingredient also offers numerous advantages over disinfectants containing ethanol.