Disinfectants for gyms


Guide to unimpeachable hygiene and disinfection in your gym

In times of the corona pandemic, perfect hygiene and disinfection are essential – especially when exercising in fitness studios. In order to give your members the feeling of security, it is your responsibility as the operator of the studio to guarantee the non-plus-ultra before and during the opening hours.

The team of your hygiene advisor STERILYTE has summarized all measures and tips for you in accordance with the hygiene requirements according to § 4 CoronaVO at a glance.

The generally applicable standard guidelines for employees and exercising members strongly recommend adherence to the following basic principles:

Point one: facts about the Covid-19 pathogen

It is important to remember that the survival time of the Covid-19 pathogen varies on different surfaces! The virus pathogen persists longer on smooth surfaces than on rough structures.

    • Stainless steel / plastic / glass – up to 72 hours capable of multiplying
    • Carton – up to 24 hours capable of multiplying

Under optimal (!) Conditions, the virus pathogen can live on for up to 28 days on smooth surfaces and thus trigger infections. An important criterion is the room temperature: Researcher of the Ruhr University Bochum did laboratory experiments found out that the Covid-19 pathogen remains infectious at a room temperature of 20+ degrees and can be broken down more slowly on the various materials.

Point two: Measures to clean your gym

A thorough cleaning of your entire studio is a matter of course before opening. Note:

1. Time management

Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting your studio takes time. Make sure you plan enough time. Important! Don’t forget to turn on the air conditioning and ventilation system before cleaning your studio – this will avoid double cleaning work after the ventilation system has been started up.

2. A record of the activities completed

Create a checklist for your studio, according to which you can work through every surface and document the cleaning. So you are on the safe side and do not miss any area.

3. Create a cleaning schedule to minimize the risk of infection for your team and members

In order to ensure security even when your studio is open, surfaces and equipment must be kept clean. A schedule that must be filled out will help you to ensure compliance with the cleaning.

Point three: Performing the cleaning of your gym

Basically, the following applies: Clean your surfaces and devices with Wipe disinfection and not just by spraying cleaning agents and disinfectants.

A special focus must be on these areas of your studio:

      • Devices & lockers
      • Showers / saunas
      • Flooring all over the gym –This should definitely be cleaned after the fitness equipment and surfaces.

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