Efficient and effective disinfection during renovation work

Safe, efficient and effective disinfection is essential for renovation work. Our products offer reliable protection against viruses, bacteria and spores. Talk to us to benefit from our special conditions for business.

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Our products can be used in various areas:

Bacteria, viruses and mold can be found on surfaces, food and waste, in dust, carpets, plant pots and air conditioning systems, in sanitary areas and in other damp places. They are transmitted through hand contact or inhalation and can endanger our health in commercial and domestic areas. In the case of mold growth, the indoor air is particularly polluted. Molds produce volatile metabolic products (earthy, musty “musty smell”) and spores that accumulate in the room air. Allergy and asthma sufferers in particular are at risk for their health in such an environment.

Sterilyte is a solution that is made from salt and water through an electrolysis process and can be used without the build-up of toxic substances. In this way, rooms can be treated efficiently and simply with disinfectant at any time. The microorganisms and the volatile metabolic products of the mold are destroyed by oxidation. Damp walls always have to be professionally renovated, as every mist only reaches the surface and does not penetrate into the depths of the materials, where the retreat areas of the mold are.

Odor neutralization

Intense and bad smells affect our wellbeing. Air hygiene is important wherever we are; especially in closed rooms.

Sterilyte destroys odor molecules through oxidation and removes all kinds of odors quickly and effectively. The air quality is significantly improved. Regardless of whether the cause of the bad smell is tobacco smoke, fire blight, vomit, feces and urine, putrefaction, rubbish, animal housing and stables, sweat, oil / gasoline, etc., Sterilyte removes even the most stubborn odors.

If the odor molecules have penetrated the materials and substances from which they are slowly being released again, the nebulization of Sterilyte must be repeated until the odor has completely evaporated from the materials.