Day care centers

Efficient and effective disinfection in daycare centers and kindergartens

Safe, efficient and effective disinfection is also essential in daycare centers. Our products offer reliable protection against viruses (also effective against norovirus), bacteria and spores. No hazardous substance classification according to the CLP regulation!

our advantages

Our products can be used in various areas:

Bacteria, viruses and mold can be found on surfaces, food and waste, in dust, carpets, plant pots and air conditioning systems, in sanitary areas and in other damp places. They are transmitted through hand contact or inhalation and can endanger the health of children or educators. The educators often infect people with various infections regardless of pandemics, as the children are still learning how to handle it hygienically.

Sterilyte is a solution that is made from salt and water through a specially developed electrolysis process and can be used without the build-up of toxic substances. In this way, rooms can be treated efficiently and simply with disinfectant at any time.

There is every reason to avoid hazardous substances in primary schools and daycare centers. You can find basic information on this in the report of the Unfallkasse Sachsen ( here )