Animal hygiene

Only the best for your pets

With PETsensitive we have succeeded in developing a high-quality and versatile disinfectant especially for the pet area. PETsensitive can be used in many ways and protects you and your loved ones!

  • Preventive protection against Giardia
  • Disinfection of food bowls
  • Disinfection of toys
  • No hazardous substance classification (CLP regulation)
  • Fast exposure time
  • Suitable for disinfecting terrariums
  • The all in one product for your pets

PET sensitive – The all-in-one product for your pets

From the litter box to the terrarium – PET sensitive can be used universally in the pet area, protects your animal from diseases and optimizes your very own
Hygiene standard.

the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) recommends cleaning the animal areas with an effective and at the same time well-tolerated disinfectant against pathogens such as salmonella, EHEC and parasites that can be transmitted from animals to humans.

with PET sensitive for the pet area it is the team of Sterilyte succeeded in creating a high-quality, well-tolerated and versatile disinfectant
to develop:

  • Preventive protection against Giardia
  • No hazardous substance classification (CLP regulation)
  • Fast exposure time
  • Biodegradable
  • Without alcohol

PETsensitiv is suitable for cleaning the litter box, animal toys, terrariums and cages as well as scratching posts.

Our product PET-sensitive:

PETsensitive works without additives that are harmful to health. It is produced from a certified salt solution in a special electrolysis process. The oxidative effect of the stored oxygen unfolds when it comes into contact with germs (such as fungi, bacteria and viruses).