Innovative Disinfectant

With Sterilyte you use an efficient and natural disinfectant to effectively rid skin, surfaces and drinking water of germs and viruses.

Use biocidal products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

An everyday life without Viruses

Germ and virus-free surfaces are indispensable in today’s everyday life.

Whether in your own household, in industry or in agriculture: Our products meet the highest quality standards and offer comprehensive protection against a wide range of pathogens and the diseases associated with them.

We do not use any dangerous ingredients such as alcohols or aldehydes, which can seriously affect human health.

Everyday life without viruses

Reliable Protection from infection routes

Regular contact with surfaces represents a high risk for the transmission of dangerous pathogens in everyday life.

This makes efficient hygiene management all the more important, which ensures that chains of infection are interrupted quickly and reliably.

Protect your families, employees, friends, animals and the environment together with Sterilyte.

Secure into the future

We offer reliable ways to disinfect surfaces and drinking water, as well as to effectively combat mould.

Highly effective

Our active ingredient is highly effective in fighting viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

Independent of temperature

Whether in low or high temperatures, Sterilyte is effective in cold or heat.


The use is easy and the product is directly applicable and odour-neutralising.

Short exposure time

A small dosage is enough for Sterilyte to reliably protect you from viruses and co. within a very short time.


When using Sterilyte, your nose will not suffer any pungent odour attacks. Without alcohol and odorants.

Transport & Storage

Our disinfectant is not declared as a hazardous substance. So you can easily transport & store Sterilyte.

Long lasting protection

Sterilyte provides long-lasting protection on skin, surfaces or when disinfecting drinking water.

Biofilm control

Our disinfectant effectively and efficiently combats biofilm and the microbacteria it contains.

Disinfection new thought

Sterilyte is an effective and natural disinfectant that does not require any additives. The product is made from a certified salt solution in a special electrolysis process. Oxygen is stored in the salt solution.

The oxygen is released on contact with germs (such as fungi, bacteria and viruses), whereby the oxidative effect of the solution unfolds.

If the product is used for disinfection, it breaks down again into its components salt solution and oxygen.

Disinfectants rethought

Discover You Sterilyte disinfectant

We are more than disinfection. We are your partner in everyday life. We are risk minimizers and infection protectors.

Areas of application

Household, industrial, restaurants, hotels, the food industry and animal hygiene are just a few examples.

B2B Whitelabel

Participate in the growing disinfectant market as a reseller & B2B white label.

Disinfection knowledge

A knowledge database about everything that has to do with disinfection, hygiene and protection against infection.